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Wellness Facts

Smokers take an average of almost 11 days more of sick leave every year than their non-smoking colleagues.
Tobacco Control Journal

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes are among the most prevalent, costly and preventable of all health problems and account for more than 75% of the nation’s medical care costs.
Centers for Disease Control

55% of adults in California are overweight or obese.
California Health Interview Survey

40% of all cancers are caused by the typical American diet, lack of exercise and obesity.
Harvard Report on Cancer Prevention

78% of Americans do not meet activity level recommendations. Wellness International Network LTD

A Duke University study comparing the costs of the heaviest to those of recommended weight found the number of lost workdays was almost 13 times higher, medical claims costs were 7 times higher, and indemnity claims cost were 11 times higher.
Archives of Internal Medicine

Top 5 Myths of a Corporate Wellness Program

1. Why bother? National Health Care will be implemented shortly. Should a national healthcare program be enacted, it will not affect productivity, absenteeism, team building or employee engagement - all of which are positively affected by the implementation of a Corporate Wellness Program.

2. Our company is too small. Small companies are generally at a disadvantage as big companies usually offer higher salaries, better benefits and more opportunities for promotion. However, programs like this can actually even out the playing field. Corporate Wellness Programs usually have a huge effect on employee retention as they foster employees bonding with other employees, thereby helping to retain key workers.

3. It takes too long to see ROI. While it can take two or three years to see a meaningful return on healthcare expenses, 80% of the benefits to an employee’s health occurs in the first 20% of their progress! In a good program, employers see impressive productivity gains/ absenteeism results (47.5% drop in absenteeism over a six-year period for participants in the DuPont wellness program). On a positive note ALL health & wellness programs through the National Health Bureau are complimentary. There will never be an out of pocket expense to participate.

4. We already have a disease management component in our health insurance program. A disease management program is not the same as a wellness program. A wellness program is a proactive and preventive initiative to improve the health of all employees. A disease management program is a defensive program that manages chronic claimants who are already ill.

5. I don’t want to spend any money on a corporate wellness program. The dynamic of individual or team achievement is often times more than the tangible dollar value of the rewards that drive results. Done right, bragging rights and a movie ticket or Starbucks gift card can go along way.

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